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My name is Tasha Owens better known as Ms.TashaTalksLife!

I am a wife and mom to three boys #boymom. I'm an educator for over 12 years, certified life coach, author, and podcaster.

I aim to empower and inspire other Moms to live their life to the fullest despite all adversities.

I teach them how to prioritize their needs and desires so they can become the best versions of themself.


"your past does not dictate your future"


my mission

My mission is to FREE WOMEN from the burden of being resentful and bitter,

and to empower them to LIVE the life they want, unapologetically.

I seek to show women that they have MORE to offer than being a mom or wife!

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How it started

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As a full-time educator, author, wife and mom, I have a heart for other moms who do it all...because that was me!

I know the pressure of doing it all but I also know the importance of prioritizing YOUR wants and needs too!

In 2017, I found myself stressed and needing a plan to cope with everything going on around me. 

Having two new babies,  a hormone filled teen, a body I didn’t recognize, a non-existent  sex life,  two struggling small businesses and teaching full time I felt so overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, and angry. 

I felt like the walls were closing in on me quickly! 

This is when I developed my Growing Forward Formula. It has helped me get my life back and now I teach other women how to do the same!

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Let's work together!

with no limits!

Live a Life

My GROW FORWARD formula teaches women how to fall in love with themselves again and get unstuck!

I will teach you through mindset elevation how to be intentional about self-care & setting boundaries in your life that will have you feeling happy and fulfilled!