Stop Sulkin!


Stop Sulkin!

the podcast

Sis Stop Sulkin‘ podcast is for the everyday woman who is ready for Change! She desires to live a life with NO limit but struggles with the Clarity & Confidence to Grow for it! Sis, you are right where you need to be! Ms.TashaTalksLife is a mindset coach, educator and author that teaches women how to put themselves first so they can stop living with resentment and start living a life they love! Join Ms.TashaTalksLife each week for impactful, transformational conversation!

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Everyone has a story. Our experiences are the chapters designed by God that mold and shape us into who we are to be. It is our responsibility along life’s journey to always seek greater, to be better, and GROW FORWARD!  It all starts with the mindset. This book will introduce the four proven practices to the Grow Forward Formula as well as actionable journal prompts created to encourage and empower the journey towards God’s greater plan for your life.


Your heart’s desires are your birthright, with mindset and intention you can live a life with no limits!

Sis, stop sulkin’...the time is now!


“Your Past Does Not Dictate Your Future.”

 - Ms.TashaTalksLife


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Times will get hard, problems with family and friends will arise, but believing in your heart that God will bring you peace again is his word. With all struggles and adversity, there is a lesson to learn. Now whether we grow from it is up to us.

-Excerpt from Sis Stop Sulkin'