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Sis Stop Sulkin'

I teach women how to elevate their mindset, increase Self-love, and prioritize their desires to jumpstart their journey to  Livin' a Life of Purpose on Purpose!



i'm tasha

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 Better known as Ms.TashaTalksLife.

As an educator, author, and podcaster, I'm on a personal mission to teach moms & wives like YOU how to put yourself first, stop SULKIN' and start LIVIN' a Life of Purpose outside of just being a 

mom and wife !

In 2017, I found myself stressed and needing a plan to cope with everything going on around me. 

Having two new babies,  a hormone filled teen, a body I didn’t recognize, a non-existent  sex life,  two struggling small businesses and teaching full time I felt so overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, and angry. 

I felt like the walls were closing in on me quickly! 

I began to seek support in my personal development and documenting the process along the journey.

That is how my signature framework was created.

It has helped me in so many way to find my purpose and regain my happiness. 

Now I teach other women how to do the same!

How to cultivate



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You Love!

Live a Life

My GROW FORWARD formula teaches women how to fall in love with themselves again without the mom guilt.


I will teach you how to be intentional with 

self-care & self-discipline while creating clear boundaries with the people in your life.

After working with me, You that will have the framework you need to jumpstart livin' a life of Purpose on Purpose! 

What  Other Moms & Wives Had to say after working with me


Sis,Stop Sulkin!

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Everyone has a story. Our experiences are the chapters designed by God that mold and shape us into who we are to be. It is our responsibility along life’s journey to always seek greater, to be better, and GROW FORWARD!  It all starts with the mindset. This book will introduce four of the proven practices to the Grow Forward Formula as well as actionable journal prompts created to encourage and empower the journey towards God’s greater plan for your life. 


Your heart’s desires are your birthright,

with mindset and intention you can live a life you desire!

Sis, Stop Sulkin’...the time is now!


Book Events

Sis, Stop Sulkin' God's Plan is Greater has been a HIT, and I'm looking forward to taking this book to every city in the US and beyond!

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